Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Summer

We completed this small garden in Berkeley's Elmwood district last fall, and went back this week to enjoy its exuberant first summer.

While the look is open and light, this gracious entry gate is custom fabricated from steel for durability, then painted to match the house trim

We used a mix of colorful California native and Mediterranean plants to line this sun/shade passageway leading to the back garden: Mendocino Reed Grass, Manzanita, Penstemon, Thyme, Catmint and Monkeyflower

 Yerba Buena and red-leafed Coral Bells compliment Monkeyflower

 Rounding the corner we enter the central gravel terracecapacious enough for the upcoming 4th of July extravaganza.

Agastache, one of my favorite summer bloomers anchors an ornamental herb bed
Here's a great example of a successful planting under a big Redwood tree. The area is mostly shady but gets some afternoon sun. We planted Yerba Buena, Daylily and Hellebore (pictured) along with Golden Cestrum and a variety of ferns. On the left, a lovely Cercis Forest Pansy thrives as an understorey tree.